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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more? You'll find answers to some common affiliate questions below, but feel free to contact us directly using our application form. We're ready to help you succeed.

What is is part of CPL Holdings and is a leading online higher-education portal. Each month, more than 2 million adults visit the site, which boasts more than 300 accredited college and university partners.

What are your commission payouts?
We compensate up to $30 per lead.

Is that the highest commission ClassesUSA will pay?
We are willing to go higher for partners who can substantiate high-inquiry delivery and high quality for several months.

Can I use content or copy from the website?
Legal policy prohibits partners from lifting content from our site. However, we will provide you with a wide variety of high-quality banners and rich-media creative elements, as well as expert tools.

Can I bid on branded terms for paid search?
We do have a list of certain branded terms that are off-limits. We do not permit our partners to bid on any variation of the ClassesUSA brand.

Can I use your company name in a URL? is a registered copyright. We do not permit companies to use any portion or variation of our company name within their domain.

What is Commission Junction?
Commission Junction (CJ) is a trusted third-party online tool that provides both advertisers and publishers with a means to track their campaigns while providing monthly payment to our partners. If you do not already have a CJ account, we can facilitate opening one for you.

Who pays me and how long does it take to get paid?
If you apply through CJ, CJ will issue payment Net 30 of each month for the previous month's commissions.

What are your best-performing ads?
The performance of each ad changes over time. Please login to your account at CJ's website to check our link statistics. Click on "Get Links," then "LinkDetail."

How do I join the program?
Simply fill out our application on CJ or the form on our site. Applications must be reviewed and approved prior to admittance into the ClassesUSA affiliate program.

Where can I address my questions during our partnership?
A ClassesUSA account manager will be your contact for questions and concerns.

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